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The planning of a Butterfly Release at a Funeral deserves special care. Please do not hesitate to call us so that we can personally assist you with the details of this butterfly Release experience.
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E-Mail us at:

If you have any immediate Questions or Concerns Please Call.


Because I spend more time feeding caterpillars and butterflies than sitting at my desk, if you do not get an answer please be sure to leave a message that includes your name and phone number (please say your phone number two times and slowly) and I will call you back as soon as I step back inside.

Due to the tight time frame usually associated with planning a funeral, we strongly suggest that you call us before placing your order online.

We strive to make each butterfly release impeccable... valuing one-on-one Customer service- Guaranteed!

Please Note that the temperature must be at least 62°F for Monarch Butterflies to take flight. Check here to view the average daily temperature in the town where your Butterfly Wedding Release will take place.


We Guarantee that our live butterflies will arrive alive and in time
for your Butterfly Release.
Please read complete terms and conditions prior to placing your order.