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Sande from Minnesota
“WOW!  Was this ever a great thing for my family!  We had all of the flowers from the funeral out in Mom’s backyard.  It was most special, touching and enjoyable for everyone!  Rather amazing that everyone did the release. It may have had the most healing power for the older members of the family.  My mother thanked me several times – even though at first, she thought I was a bit over the top.  Your choice to add the church logo was a perfect touch. We were especially pleased that all of the butterflies survived the trip.  Thank you again for your efforts over the holiday weekend.  With sincere appreciation, Sande”

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  1. Amazing company. They have most fantastic customer service. We needed butterflies for a Celebration of Life at the last minute on Mothers Day weekend. Let me tell you this wasn’t an easy task. They rushed everything to us. Even when there was a delivery issue, they went above and beyond to get them to us in time.
    The release was beyond beautiful and the family loved they all had a keepsake (personalized release envelope).
    I can’t say enough about this company or the beauty of the butterflies.

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