Sande from Minnesota
“WOW!  Was this ever a great thing for my family!  We had all of the flowers from the funeral out in Mom’s backyard.  It was most special, touching and enjoyable for everyone!  Rather amazing that everyone did the release. It may have had the most healing power for the older members of the family.  My mother thanked me several times – even though at first she thought I was a bit over the top.  Your choice to add the church logo was a perfect touch. We were especially pleased that all of the butterflies survived the trip.  Thank you again for your efforts over the holiday weekend.  With sincere appreciation, Sande”

Brian from Texas
“On behalf of the Letot family I want to thank you for your assistance over the weekend of April 19-21.  The butterflies arrived at Calvary Hill Cemetery on April 22 a little after 8:00 A.M. CST and will be released at the graveside service.  You and your company have the appreciation of Rhoton Funeral Home, and Calvary Hill Funeral Home and Cemetery.
Thanks Again,
Brian C. Mullins
Assistant to Funeral Directors”

Karl from Michigan
“Butterflies were a wonderful addition to a very special memorial service for my father. He was a United Methodist minister and one of his most memorable sermons was titled, “New Beginnings”. In it he explains the symbolism of the life and metamorphosis of the Monarch caterpillar into a Monarch butterfly, just as the life and ultimate resurrection of Jesus Christ. The weather was perfect, and everyone enjoyed the butterfly release, so much so I referred several people to your web site. Thanks again,”

Terry from Texas
” It is beyond all words of description for me to be able to tell you how touching and wonderful my mother’s funeral was with the release of the butterflies.  Even at an extreme short notice (called on Saturday, delivered Monday morning), the butterflies arrived on time for the service and in great condition.
The grand kids and great-grand kids so enjoyed releasing the butterflies, only to have them land on them for a short moment before flying off.  It really made for a beautiful and lasting memory for all of us.
Thank you so much.”

Steve from Iowa:
“Everything was great! The butterflies made the trip in fine shape and the experience was even better than we had expected!”

Susan from Connecticut
“I wanted to let you know how special our butterfly release was.  The package arrived on time exactly as promised.  The directions were clear, and all the butterflies arrived in good shape.  We had a tree dedication ceremony in honor and memory of my fiancé who died suddenly a few months ago.  We did the butterfly release at the end.   Everything went very smoothly, and the butterflies were beautiful.  It was a wonderful addition to our ceremony.”

Betty from Texas
“Susan, the Butterflies arrived and were in perfect shape.  The release, which occurred to the music of Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli Singing ‘It’s Time to Say Goodbye’ was so moving, there wasn’t a dry eye at my sister’s funeral.  Thank You”

Kathy from Jacksonville
I wanted to let you know how beautiful the butterflies were. They arrived at the church on time and were prepared there before the service. They were eager to fly at the cemetery. When we opened the box and pulled the cloth back, they flew out behind each other almost in a row. It was breath taking. So many people walked up to me afterwards and told me how beautiful it was. Several people have already asked me where I got them from so of course I have given them your information. I went to the cemetery today and saw several of them still flying around my husband’s grave.

Denice of Ohio:
“The Butterfly Memorial package arrived on time and the butterflies were safely asleep until we needed them. We used them for my nephew’s memorial service and when awakened, the butterflies that his nieces released, landed on them, two landed on the flowers placed on the grave and several flew up as high as they could. Everyone was in awe; so much so, that the minister mentioned the wonderful imagery in her service on Sunday. It was well worth the meaningful experience for my family. Thank you.”

Eva from Texas:
“Everything was perfect…the release was beautiful. This was the first time in our small town that this was done. My son was a special little boy, and his departing was very special. Now everyone wants butterflies at their services. Thank you so much. Will pass your name on.”

Karin and John from Tampa:
“When we released the butterflies at our reception all the children present went wild with joy. My cousin’s nine-year-old daughter was absolutely captivated. All she talked about for days afterwards were the butterflies.”

Sharon from West Palm Beach:
“Thank you so much for providing the educational package to my class. I had never had the opportunity to watch the entire process from egg to butterfly before. The children learned a lot and even the parents were checking out their daily progress. We had a Butterfly release on the last day of school. It was awesome. Thanks again.”

Suzanne from North Carolina:
“When I released the butterflies it brought tears to my eyes, but they were happy tears. For, I saw the butterflies taking flight as my mother-in-law being freed from the wheelchair and pain that she had been in for the last few years.”

Laurie form Connecticut:
“Thank you so much for the promptness and added touch of the printed envelopes. Our confirmation was such a success! Those confirmed enjoyed freeing a butterfly and watching it land on someone in the crowd or a nearby flower in the garden at the church. I so appreciate your diligence in this service, and the prompt service I received.   Wow!
It truly made our event special and I have given your name to a few people now. Thanks Again!”

Terry from Port St Lucie:
“Thank you so much for providing the butterflies on such short notice. The velvet covered release box that you designed for my son was so beautiful. I will keep it with his special things. Thanks again.”

Linda from Michigan:
“All 100 butterflies arrived in excellent shape. We will be contacting you again next time we need butterflies.”

Kelli from Florida:
“The butterflies stayed around for about twenty minutes. We really enjoyed watching them. One of them landed on the baby and stayed there for the longest time.”

Ann from Massachusetts:
“Dear Arthur & Susan, (Added Touch Celebrations)
Thank you, we were all so impressed with the beautiful butterflies. The Children were so impressed with the beautiful Butterflies landing on them and whispering their message to send off to Heaven to Wayne.
You out did yourself, we were so impressed at your efforts, fulfilling your promise to get us Wayne’s Butterflies. Both orders, all butterflies flew so beautifully all around us as they were the center of our Celebration of Wayne’s life.
Reverend Erica Robinson Johnson did the most perfect eulogy, including that her Mom is a scientist, who of all things studies Butterflies! Our Friend Debbie read beautiful Butterfly poems, and our Niece Darlene read the most beautiful poem on living each day to the fullest. Finally, the Eternal light was lit by our Nephew and all were impressed and touched.
We appreciated having this sad day be such a joyous celebration: To give Wayne such a beautiful tribute to His Life, with Butterflies to touch our hearts and renew our faith. A gift to our Wayne, who when here on earth with us loved life, family, friends, and nature. This day was so appropriate to his life; to offer him the beauty, freedom, and our messages to him through these beautiful Butterflies.
Thank you again. Your Butterflies are so spiritual and beautiful. And so healthy, you would be so proud of them, they endured the trip from Florida to Peabody and Lynn and they performed with such grace and beauty. They made a grieving day fill with Love, Hope, and Faith. A gift of beauty to our Loved one Wayne. It is wonderful that there are caring, professional, dedicated, loving people like you and your Husband to offer, Grieving hearts Joy and happiness through your butterflies and terrific efforts. The memory of this day and Thanks to you will live in our hearts and memories forever.
P. S. Weather was perfect, sun, gentle breeze, had rained early a.m. so moisture all around and perfect environment for your Butterflies.
God Bless,
Ann, Family, & Friends”