Monarch Butterfly Release Pricing

Pricing Chart for Monarch Butterflies sold by the butterfly.
Order an exact quantity with a minimum of 12.  For the best pricing on Monarch Butterflies check out our Early Bird and Coupon Specials.

What we provide are Monarch Butterflies.  What the customer needs to choose is the quantity of Monarch Butterflies and the presentation for the butterfly release.

There are two basic presentation styles and then variations.  The two styles of release are Mass release and an Individual release.
For the individual release we offer: Personalized glassine envelopes (This option is part of our “by the butterfly” pricing.) which includes up to 3 lines of text; Customized glassine envelopes, which has more room for text and includes a picture; White Card stock butterfly release triangles. Our triangles have room for names and dates only; and, White and ivory card stock butterfly release squares. There is room for a picture on the card stock squares.
For Mass release we offer:  Accordion style mass release boxes in two sizes and four colors.  The accordion is the most popular mass release box we sell as it is the ONLY monarch mass release box that can be preloaded.  The small accordion can hold up to 25 Monarch Butterflies and the large accordion will accommodate up to 50 Monarchs.  We sell the accordion in white, red, blue and gold.  The gold accordion in part of our “by the butterfly” pricing; The butterfly release cage is also a popular choice.  This white cage includes your choice of ribbon color.  It may be display hanging from a hook or sitting on a table.  The butterfly release cage is elegant, and easy to load and release; Other options are our Pop&Zip display container or our black butterfly release chest.

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