Mass Monarch Butterfly Release Packages

One reason many of my clients prefer to do a Mass release is that they do not have to be concerned about not having enough for everyone.
While individual Monarch butterfly releases give your guests the opportunity to hold and release a live butterfly the mass release provides the better “show”.  All the Monarch butterflies are released at once and your guests will have their eyes on that one magical focal point.

We have several different presentations from which the butterflies can be released in mass.  The accordion style is the most popular mass release box we sell. The accordion style box is the ONLY monarch mass release box that can be preloaded.  The butterfly release cage is very elegant and displays the butterflies prior to the butterfly release.  Other options include our Pop&Zip display container or our card stock butterfly release chests.

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Most mass release containers require the customer to transfer the butterflies at destination. Transferring Monarch Butterflies into their release container is not difficult, but it does require that time be put aside for this task.  We always advise that our instructions be read prior to the arrival of your butterflies.
accordion mass release boxAccordion style mass release box
The accordion is the only mass release box we sell in which we can PRELOAD the butterflies.  We offer the accordion in two different sizes and different colors.
beautiful butterfly display cage.Elegant Butterfly Display Cage
The display cage is my favorite mass release container.  It can be placed on a table or hung up near the guestbook to display the butterflies prior to the release.
Pop up butterfly release containerPop-up Butterfly Enclosure
Just Pop up and load the butterflies through the zipper fastener.  The Pop-up enclosure is available for last minute shipping with the butterflies.
Card stock Chest Release Box
We have Chest style mass release boxes available in black and silver.  The butterflies cannot be seen through the Chest making the butterfly release a true surprise.

Additional Monarch Butterflies can be ordered with most of the above selections.  The maximum quantity of Monarch Butterflies the USDA allows in one shipment is 250.  Order Additional Butterflies with a mass release package for $9.00

What’s the difference between a Monarch and
a Painted Lady?

Painted Lady butterfly is much smaller than the Monarch Butterfly.Likening Monarch Butterflies to Painted Lady butterflies is like equating an eagle to a swallow. The Monarch Butterfly has a typical wingspan around 4 inches while the Painted Lady ordinarily has a wingspan around 2”. The Monarch is a Milkweed butterfly and requires the breeder to grow Milkweed, while the Painted Lady can be raised on artificial diet in a spare room. We only raise the Regal Eastern Monarch.

Ordering by the butterfly is fast and easy. Go to our Coupon info page and place the order using the “Buy Now/Order” button below the picture of our golden accordion.  Select a quantity number between 12 – 250 Monarchs. As always make sure to work your way all the way to and select the “send order” button.
Golden accordion style mass release box The golden accordion is the mass release box option on our “by the butterfly” coupon page.  Ordering off the coupon info page is quick, easy and you can order the exact quantity you want.