Warm Weather Release

Congratulations! on your purchase of our beautiful Live Monarch Butterflies!  We know you’re eager and excited to explore this box and maybe have a peak at your butterflies, but first we ask that you read these few but valuable instructions.


Locate the Freeze Pack.  You may need to remove or disassemble any shipping materials (popcorn, etc.).  It is important that the shipping materials

be put back after.


Check the Freeze Pack.  It will likely be thawed. Place the Freeze Pack in the freezer.  Keep the butterflies at room temperature.  Once it is refrozen (2-3 hours), return it to the shipping container with the butterflies.


Continue to store in a room set at a normal room temperature, approximately 72ºF or less.  For very hot or humid weather, try the basement, a wine cellar, tile or linoleum floors, or even inside a dry bathtub!


Caution:  Do not refrigerate.  Do not freeze to keep cool.


Now that you have inspected and attended to the Freeze Pack, you will at some point the next day need to recheck the pack to insure it is still cold.  Refreeze if necessary.  You can be assured your lovely butterflies are resting safely inside their boxes, tucked securely in our Original Shipping Container.

Listen to the weather Forecast for the day of the release.  If the forecast is to be 90ºF or warmer, then proceed to refreeze the pack the night before and replace it in the morning.

Traveling?  Then transport your butterflies in the Original Shipping Container.  If travel is long, or the ceremony/party is not until the afternoon or evening of the next day, then refreeze the pack the night before and replace it in the morning.  Avoid leaving your butterflies in direct sunlight or prolonged exposure to high heat.  (No parked cars or hot door steps please!)

Fly Away…!

The time is drawing near to set your butterflies free!  So, 1-2 hours prior to the Release time, remove the little butterfly triangles from the Original Shipping Container and display them in a basket, or in your own way.  At this time, you may hear a bit of movement, do not be alarmed, they are living creatures and this is perfectly normal.  Be sure to keep your butterflies in the shade until you are ready to set them free.  Do not set in direct sunlight or extreme heat!

Ideas, Suggestions!  If you want to place a butterfly anywhere, for photos, for the first kiss, the announcement of Husband and Wife, or “Happy Birthday!” on your flowers or gift boxes, or even place them in a larger box for a mass release, simply place the desired number of butterflies (kept in their original boxes) into the refrigerator for 20-30 minutes.  This brings down their body temperature.  You will have approximately 30 seconds before each butterfly warms up enough to take flight!


Downloadable Warm weather instructions