We currently ship via UPS Next Day Air.  UPS makes a special trip to our farm at the end of the business day and delivers to most cities by 10:30 a.m. the following day. Smaller towns are likely to have a Noon commitment time and Rural areas are delivered by the End of the Day.  The butterflies are shipped in a small medical cooler and need to be brought inside as soon as the carrier makes delivery.  Please see instructions for customer responsibilities.

Whenever possible it is our procedure to ship all butterflies to arrive the day before the release.  We do not like the butterflies to go more than two days between the time that they leave our feeding enclosure and the time that they are released.  However, we do need to work around none shipping days.  So, for Sunday and Monday events we ship the butterflies for “SATURDAY DELIVERY” and there is an additional charge.  For Tuesday events we wait until Monday to ship, so sometimes Tuesday morning events require additional logistic support. If you choose to ship the butterflies to arrive the same day as your event, we will make every effort to get them to the destination on time, but we do NOT provide a money back guarantee should the butterflies not arrive in time for your planned butterfly release.

While the price of shipping may vary depending on the package ordered.  Below is a guideline to help you calculate your shipping costs.

UPS Next Day Air

FedEx is our Current Carrier.        1-800-GoFedEx  1-800-463-3339